Ken Louko Fly Fishing(from Bug Eaters to Meat Eaters)

Ken Louko Fly Fishing(from Bug Eaters to Meat Eaters)


Southeast Fly Fishing Reports

Contact nymphing

Contact nymphing

A few excellent resources for fly fishing reports:

Orvis provides fly fishing reports with current conditions and outlook for waters throughout the United States — and even worldwide destinations. 

Click here for the home page of this helpful resource. Drill down on their site by state and well known local fly fishing waters.


Here are some of the "latest" reports from around Georgia and the Southeast. 

Some reports are maintained by independent parties and may be out of date.

Be sure to check the report dates! 

Chattahoochee River (below Lake Lanier): Rainbows and Browns.

Check the latest USGS water information before you float or wade the ‘Hooch.

Latest Water Condition Report

Lake Lanier Striper caught on a Fly Rod

Lake Lanier Striper caught on a Fly Rod

Lakes and Reservoirs

Lake Lanier:  Stripers and Spots. Check out Southern Fishing's latest report. Oriented toward bait and lure fishing rather than fly fishing -- but still has some good "trend" information.

Facebook Groups:  Stripers, Spots, and even Saltwater species if you are heading to the coast. If you are a Facebook user, consider joining one or more Facebook Groups. One-click access to all of your subscribed groups. Filter the information posted to gain knowledge of what is going on in particular waters.

Mountain Trout

Mountain Trout

Fly Fishing in Tennessee and the Smokies

East Tennessee: Smallmouth Bass. This site includes reports on fly fishing for Smallmouth Bass in the South. Once you try Smallies, you may never go back to fly fishing for trout.

Great Smoky Mountains:  Trout - Rainbows and Browns. Little River Outfitters lastest report

South Holsten River Reports: 

The latest Orvis Fly Fishing Report for the South Holsten can be found here. The South Holsten and Watauga Rivers are premier fly fishing destinations in the Southeast. Both rivers are located near each other.