Ken Louko Fly Fishing(from Bug Eaters to Meat Eaters)

Ken Louko Fly Fishing(from Bug Eaters to Meat Eaters)


Trout Spey and Switch Rods

A Trout Spey may become your favorite Trout rod

Prior to going whole hog into buying a Trout Spey or Switch rod outfit, first consider taking some Spey casting instruction for this style of fishing. Additional guidance about rod choices, reels, lines, and actual fishing applications will be provided as part of the instruction session.

Often it’s hard to find Trout Spey and Switch rod products at a fly shop near you or knowledgeable shop staff that even speaks the language. So, what’s the solution to get line set-up advice, as well as purchase, Trout Spey and Switch gear?

As a man once said: "Go West, young man, go West!"

The States of Washington and Oregon do not charge sales tax on Internet sales. Nor do most Washington and Oregon fly fishing suppliers charge shipping over a certain dollar amount. This is great news for the fly angler taking up fly fishing "Spey-Style". Since many local shops either do not carry, or hardly carry, any products that support two handed casting, my recommendation is to turn to some of the very best shops in the U.S. that "Speak Spey".

Trout Spey


North GA Rainbow caught on the swing.

Location: Soque River in early February. 

Rod: Redington #3 Trout Spey, 11’-3".

Used the same rod to fish both dry flies and nymphs that same day.

Air Temp: In the 50’s

The day overall...

Approximately 30 fish hooked on dries, nymphs, and streamers; not all landed. Primarily fished size 18 flies with the #3 Trout Spey rod. Thought that I’d test a new streamer pattern of mine late in the day. Three grabs in under 15 minutes! Not bad for a new fly pattern.

Consider learning how to use a Trout Spey rod to “Up” your trout fishing game.

Fly Shops that really know the Two Handed (Spey) World

Three of the best Western-based fly shops are listed below:

The Fly Fishing Shop

Welches, OR

(800) 266-3971

Owner: Marc Bachman

Marc is also the primary organizer of the annual Sandy Creek Spey Clave which is the largest gathering of Spey (Two-Handed) enthusiast's and industry suppliers in the nation. There are two other large Spey Claves held in the U.S. but this is the Grand Daddy (usually held in the month of May).


Deschutes Angler

Maupin, OR

(541) 395-0995

John & Amy Hazel, Owners

The Deschutes Angler and the Deschutes River are legendary. John Hazel, single handily, introduced fly fishing with a Two Handed Rod in the United States long before anyone in the U.S. knew anything about Spey Casting. Amy Hazel is also in a class all by herself. They run guided Steelhead trips on the Deschutes as well as 3-day Spey Camps on the river where you can learn from the very best in the industry. When it comes to fishing the Deschutes and their Steelhead, no one knows more about the subject. Like all other shops in Oregon, they do not charge any sales tax. The folks at Deschutes Angler are wonderful to work with either in person or on the phone and can answer any question that you throw at them. Experts in their field!


Gorge Fly Shop

Hood River, OR

(541) 386-6977

Owner: Travis Duddles

Celebrating over 25 years of business, Gorge Fly Shop is a full service company dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. Located in the small town of Hood River, in the heart of Oregon and Washington's Columbia River Gorge.