Ken Louko Fly Fishing(from Bug Eaters to Meat Eaters)

Ken Louko Fly Fishing(from Bug Eaters to Meat Eaters)


Multi-Dimension Casting

What is Multi-Dimension Casting?

Multi-Dimension casting is the marriage of two or more single-dimension casts into a sequence to perform a fly presentation. This combination of well known single dimension casts enables the caster to be able to make dry fly, nymph, and streamer presentations more easily, efficiently, and effectively.

Typical Single Hand casting instruction is single dimension oriented. Fly Fishers International (FFi), Trout Unlimited, and many others, stress the mechanics and physics of casting one single cast type at a time. Some single-dimension casting examples are:

Pick Up and Lay Down

Roll Cast

Roll Cast Pick Up

Side Arm Cast

Back Hand Cast

Reach Cast

Curve Cast

Wiggle Cast

Belgian (Elliptical) Cast

Multi-Dimension casting combines elements of two or more single dimension casts into one fluid motion for the purpose of achieving a particular fly presentation. Combinations of this type speak more to actual fly fishing scenarios that fly anglers encounter while on the water. Overcoming current environmental conditions, like wind speed and direction, can also dictate which combination of casts works best.

Single-Dimension casts have certain limitations when it comes to achieving a desired presentation. They do work as standalone casts under many situations; but, what about more complex on-water situations, or when a combo casting sequence will result in a more efficient and effective fly presentation?

Combo Multi-Dimension casting is often easier to perform than Single-Dimension casts. They really shine in tight on-water casting situations. However, larger open water multi-dimension combo presentations also benefit the fly angler. An important side benefit is that you may just more thoroughly enjoy your time on the water — especially during a long day of fishing.

Give it a try! Bringing more joy into a day of fly fishing is not a bad thing. As April Vokey once said: “It’s all about the Fishing!” So, why not make it more easy, efficient, and effective?