Ken Louko Fly Fishing(from Bug Eaters to Meat Eaters)

Ken Louko Fly Fishing(from Bug Eaters to Meat Eaters)


Ken Louko Fly Tying

Match the Hatch

Representative flies of some of Ken’s favorite fly patterns chasing Trout, Stripers, various saltwater species, Smallmouth Bass, Landlocked Salmon, and Great Lakes Steelhead. Trout flies (except the ‘Hooch Bugger) are too numerous to be included.

Peak Fly Fishing Periods by Species


Trout              Spring & Fall              Chattahoochee River 

                            GA   (below Buford Dam)

Trout              Nov. 1 - May 14          Chattahoochee River

                            GA   (below Morgan Falls - Delayed Harvest)

Trout              June - October           South Holsten River

                            TN   (Sulphur Hatches)

Trout              Spring & Fall               North Georgia

                            GA   (Private Waters)

Trout              Spring & Fall               Smokey Mtn Nat. Pk 


Trout              July 15 - October        Yellowstone Nat. Pk


Trout              June & October           San Juan River

                            New Mexico 

Steelhead       Oct. -  Nov.

                            NYS                           Lake Ontario Tribs

                            NYS/PA                     Lake Erie Tribs

Steelhead      Sept. - Oct.                  Deschutes River

                            OR/WA                     Columbia River Tribs                                                         


Striped Bass  Fall, Winter, Spring        Lake Sidney Lanier


Striped Bass  June 15 - August           Chattahoochee River

                            GA   (below Morgan Falls)

Spotted Bass  Fall, Winter, Spring        Lake Sidney Lanier


White Bass     March - April                    Lake Allatoona Tribs

                             GA                                  Coosa River

Shoal Bass      May - Sept.                     Chattahoochee River

                             GA    (below Morgan Falls)

Carp               Spring - Aug.                     Chattahoochee River

                             GA     (Bull Sluice Area)

Smallmouth   May - June 15                    Lake Erie Tributaries

                            NYS                                   Finger Lakes Region

Smallmouth   May - August                     Holsten River &

                            TN                                     French Broad River


Redfish           Spring & Fall                    Gulf and Atlantic

                            GA/FL                                     Coasts

Speckle Trout Spring & Fall                   Gulf & Atlantic

                            GA/FL                                     Coasts

Bonefish          Spring - Fall                    Bahama Islands

Permit             Spring                               Lower Florida Keys


Tarpon            Late Spring                        FL Keys & Gulf Coast