Ken Louko Fly Fishing(from Bug Eaters to Meat Eaters)

Ken Louko Fly Fishing(from Bug Eaters to Meat Eaters)


Balance Your Fly Fishing Skill Set

Paying attention to details...

Paying attention to details...

Control your Learning Path

Where are the classes held?

Single Hand Rod; or, Two-Handed Rod Casting Instruction?

Developed in 2010, seeking a more uniform method of teaching fly fishing rather than just fly casting like so many other fly fishing schools (with a few extras thrown into the curriculum), Ken Louko introduced the "Balance Your Skill Set" instructional framework of learning how to fly fish which consists of Three (3) Stages. 

This framework, combined with Fly Fishers International "Five Essentials of Fly Casting" form the core building blocks to building a personal fly fishing skill set from "beginner to expert level".

Instead of focusing 90% of the time on casting and 10% on "the other aspects of fly fishing", the Balance Your Skill Set methodology focuses on three equal stages:

1/3     Casting (Single Hand; or, Two-Handed Spey)... Stage 1

1/3     Fly Selection and Line/Leader Set-Up... Stage 2

1/3     Presentation (Depth and Speed, plus Fly Behavior)... Stage 3

Though casting is very important and a core element of fly fishing, it is NOT the "end all" of actually learning HOW to fly fish.  The Balance Your Skill Set framework modifies this assumption placing a balanced focus on all elements in equal proportion as to what it takes to become an accomplished fly angler. 

Fly selection, reading the water, your approach, and mastering the depth and speed of your fly (or flies) are all critical elements for any type fly fishing situation. Streams and rivers also have variable currents and depths which must be taken into consideration while applying your fly fishing skill set.

Line choices are more important than what rod and reel you should purchase. However, you still need a fly rod and reel that fits your style of fishing or size & species of fish that you are pursuing.

Structure (whether fishing in a stream, lake, or saltwater area) must be also taken into consideration as you evaluate where to fish and your fly presentations on any given day.

"There's a BIG difference between fly casting and fly fishing.
 Fly fishing begins when the fly hits the water".

Jose Wejebe, Late Famous TV Fishing Host - Spanish Fly