Ken Louko Fly Fishing(from Bug Eaters to Meat Eaters)

Ken Louko Fly Fishing(from Bug Eaters to Meat Eaters)


Knots for Fly Fishing

Only a few key knots are required for fly fishing

There are many knots that you could learn as a fly fishing junkie; however, most of the time only a few knots are really necessary. The following videos will help you learn how to tie some of the most useful knots.

Perfection Loop

Typically used at the butt end of a leader prior to making a loop-to-loop connection.

Handshake Loop Knot

Typically used to connect a leader to a fly line — loop to loop.

Blood Knot

Typically used to tie two heavier sections of mono together in a leader. It is also called a barrel knot.

Non-Slip Loop Knot

A great knot to attach a fly that you want to have more movement as it "swims". This is a very strong knot.

Double & Triple Surgeon's Knot

Typically, a double surgeon is used to tie on a replacement tippet section to your leader.

Improved Clinch Knot

An improved clinch knot is widely used to tie on a fly; or, to tie on a second section of tippet material for a two fly set up. This knot has many uses and is stronger than a standard Clinch Knot.

Palomar Knot

An old time favorite knot to tie on streamers.

Slim Beauty

This knot is used to tie together two widely different sizes of mono together in a leader.

Boating Knots

Here are a few boating knots to be familiar with if you use a boat or any other type of water craft for fly fishing.